Just a heads up, I am leaving for Canada for several days and I have no idea if I will have any time to blog, so I am taking a hiatus until December. This week I have been reflection on the idea of the Self, Pride and their relation to Crucifixion of Self and Love Christianity, so my posts are somewhat thematic in that sense.

This first link actually has little or nothing to say on the topic outlined above, but it’s powerful and awesome, so you should go watch it, right now. If you don’t want to take my word that it is worth watching, then here is a brief synopsis: Jannette…ikz and Ezekiel (Two Slam/Spoken Word Poets) dress up as the Bride of Christ (i.e. the Church, not Mary Magdalene – thank you Dan Brown for the necessity to clarify that) and Christ Respectively and then rhyme back and forth about the state of the modern church. It’s very powerful. I actually teared up at some places.

The second also has nothing to do with my theme. It is actually a blog post similar to this one, in that it links to 5 other sites of cool links. Each one is worth looking at for it’s own sake, and each are thought provoking, so I would encourage you to check them all out. The Blog itself is worth following as it has some good stuff on there, though it is secular.

This third link begins my reflective series. This is a TEDTalk by Thandie Newton. She is discussing the importance of losing oneself in the whole of the world’s consciousness instead of trying to carve out one’s identity of self. Now, I disagree, strongly, with her conclusions. But it is interesting that I agree somewhat with what she says. It is important to lose our identity, so to speak: in Christ. Our self needs to be lost, it needs to be nailed to Calvary and crucified there so we can live with Christ. Again, ultimately I disagree with her conclusions, but I think it is important to see something about the World’s concept of Self to be contrasted with the Truth that we have revealed in Scripture.

The Gospel Coalition provided me with an intriguing example of self in Pop-Culture when a Blogger posted about the Passion of Gaga. Lady Gaga is one of the few secular artists that I listen to with any sense of the word frequency. I like her music. Her artistry intrigues me. Her bizarre fashion and personality fascinate me. Her theology bewilders me. As someone who is admittedly from a Christian background, she integrates a lot of Christian imagery into her songs, whether through her lyrics or her music videos. But Castaldo aptly points out in the post how this is not always a good thing. In Gaga’s case, she is pridefully setting herself up to be a false Savior to her listeners, which is scary at best.

Here is a thoughtful post on The Resurgence which talks about Losing your Life in Christ. I think it speaks best for itself.

And this final post is titled intriguingly, “Love will Tear us Apart.” It discusses the difference between Self Love and Christ’s Love. A very Edifying and Thought-Provoking Post.

Grace and Peace.

Just kidding. I decided to toss one in that addresses the Penn State Fiasco. It, like two other posts, is from The Gospel Coalition. It’s entitled, “Love Notices Wet Hair.” Something to think on.