This post has nothing to do with Palindromes, as fun as they are. The “A Plan” bit is all this post is really interested in, as it is laying out my game plan for posting here. When I first jumped into starting this blog, I did not set any goals for myself, or give my blog a ton of direction (despite the wise advice of a friend to the contrary). My goal for this particular post is to remedy this situation and give my readers a chance to see where I am going with this blog.

The point of this blog is mainly to  discipline myself at continually writing and being a student. I got burned out on my first big project (which is still, admittedly, not done), because it was so taxing to put together such long posts, as well as time consuming. Thus, I needed to evaluate how I could still blog regularly. I decided to step back and figure out what my schedule and brain might be able to handle for the time being. For now, the plan from here on out will be to Post a few times a month on larger thought projects and post more regularly on some smaller projects. This will hopefully help my second interest in blogging: working towards developing a more universal voice. I want to be able to communicate clearly without being over the heads of most of the people I know. Thus, posts need to be shorter. I hope that by forcing myself to write 3-4 times a week that I will learn to be concise.

Finally, for the rcord: I tell you at the end of each section what I plan on calling each project, so if you find a particular project not in your realm of interest, you may easily skip over those posts.

Here then are three or four topics/projects that you can expect a weekly post from me concerning:

1. I am attempting the “Bible in 90 days” reading plan beginning November 1st. I have read through the whole Bible, but not in a shorter amount of time. To be honest, I am skeptical about the profitability of reading through Scripture so quickly and I plan to be blogging on the experience and on insights that I glean from the Word itself. These will be Categorized as “Bible in 90.”

2. I am tackling John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion. Most of my time recently has been poured into fiction reading, due partly to a brain overload my Senior year. But I figured that five months ought to be a sufficient amount of time for recovery and I need to begin whipping my brain back into shape. One of my Professors challenged the Biblical Studies students to be reading good theology on a regular basis, so I decided to pick a theologian and start a read-through. Calvin interests me because I read selections of this work in Torrey and I found that others’ assessments of him were unfair at best and ignorant at worst. Many think that Calvinism=TULIP. This is like saying a connect the dots picture of a platypus is equal to the animal itself (note: not like the animal, IS the animal). I have learned that many of my theological leanings line up with Calvin, so he seems like an interesting and solid place to start. The current plan is to read a Chapter a Day (which is roughly equivalent to 3-5 pages). For the blog, this may translate into a daily post, but given the fact that I got hired today at the School as a Substitute Teacher, this is unlikely. At minimum, I plan to reflect on that week’s reading, and share insights or even summarize what I am reading in a weekly post, we’ll see where things go from there. I will Categorize these posts as “Calvin.” I am SO CREATIVE!! (Feel free to suggest new and more creative names for any of these.)

3. I am doing a lot of more academically inclined things: Bible Study on Mondays (James MacDonald’s Lord Change my Attitude, Before it’s too Late), I translate passages of the Bible and discuss them with my Pastor on a weekly basis as a part of his sermon prep (Currently we are beginning a series in Matthew), I am reading a book and discussing it with a Friend (Fred Sanders’ The Deep Things of God: How the Trinity Changes Everything), and I am re-translating Philippians (for fun). I periodically have moments of clarity (when the Lord is so gracious to bestow them) that I want to share with people, but the high school kids I work with are rarely Christians, let alone dying to discuss theology and hear my epiphanies. So you, my dear readers, are the ones who get to hear my crazy ramblings. 🙂 This is something that I am planning on doing on a bi-weekly basis (once a fortnight) at minimum, but has the potential to be bi-weekly (twice a week). Again, we will see where this goes. I plan to call this “Still Waters.” (Meant to evoke reflection…)

4. I am not sure this counts as a writing project, but here is a fourth idea of a post that you will see from me. I read a lot of internet articles, watch a lot of internet videos and listen to a lot of podcasts and sermons. I have a lot of smart friends who are very active people: emotionally, spiritually and mentally. This translates to a lot of awesome stuff being dropped into my Facebook Newsfeed or Twitterfeed on a regular basis. Most of it is stuff that I wish I could blog about. Due to sheer volume, most of it I will not blog on, but I can pass it on the best of what I get. Thus, I am planning to start posting on Sundays a collection of the things I watched, listened to or read that week, perhaps with comments, perhaps without. These Posts will be called “Sunday Selections.”

Maybe this is a bit ambitious. I don’t know. We will see. But I hope that you find it interesting and will be willing to challenge weak thoughts and to dialog with me on controversial ideas. May we learn to walk and grow together.

Grace and Peace.