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Sunday Selections 10.30.11

I am not really sure how to introduce this, except to say that I hope that you find these links interesting and helpful. The majority of them are Theology-related, but a few are just interesting secular things that I stumbled across this week. Thus, here are my interesting links of this week. (It was surprisingly difficult to chose).  Continue reading


Bible in 90: Scruples

A friend of mine is a huge Bible in 90 Days fan. She reads the Bible multiple times in a year because she is a fast reader and the Bible in 90 Days program seems to work for her. She was first introduced to it in High School (so 5-6 years ago) and I am pretty sure she has used it as her reading plan ever since. Continue reading

A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama

This post has nothing to do with Palindromes, as fun as they are. The “A Plan” bit is all this post is really interested in, as it is laying out my game plan for posting here. When I first jumped into starting this blog, I did not set any goals for myself, or give my blog a ton of direction (despite the wise advice of a friend to the contrary). My goal for this particular post is to remedy this situation and give my readers a chance to see where I am going with this blog. Continue reading