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Ok Readers, it’s time for me to weigh in on the monkey feet toe shoes. I think I have given them a fair trial now, and due to my experience and research, I consider myself an authority on the matter. I have had a pair of Vibrams for over a year now, and on top of that, I’ve read lots of articles, watched youtube videos, and even gone to a barefoot running lecture at REI, all trying to convince myself to keep wearing them after that time I was standing at a stoplight during a run and the car next to me pointed and laughed in my face. Or rather at my feet.

But you know what, they are worth the point-and-laugh. They are that awesome.
I feel I should mention at this point that I was a skeptic, and I was tricked into getting a pair.  My friend Shelby…

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Suffering and Christmas

My apologies to my readership that I haven’t been blogging recently like I said in my last post I would, but recent events have made blogging near impossible as of late. Between much work, preparing to move and several other events, my time has been short and something had to give. Unfortunately this blog is that thing. I am hoping to blog more once I get back to California, but I am giving no promises. View full article »

Sunday Selections 11.13.11

Just a heads up, I am leaving for Canada for several days and I have no idea if I will have any time to blog, so I am taking a hiatus until December. This week I have been reflection on the idea of the Self, Pride and their relation to Crucifixion of Self and Love Christianity, so my posts are somewhat thematic in that sense. View full article »

So, I learned an important lesson about Publishing content in the Future. This post was supposed to post middle of last week, but I accidentally set the date for November 11th, 2012. I discovered my mistake and rectified the issue. But it is posting now (11-13-11). Sigh. I can’t win.

Happy Veteran’s Day!! I hope that you remember to take the time to Thank a Veteran for their service and Thank God for the many freedoms he has bestowed on those that live in the US. When was the last time that you thanked God for them and didn’t complain about the freedoms? It’s a humbling thought. For example, I periodically complain about the democratic government instead of being thankful that it can be changed. Just something to think about.

Also, Sunday is the International Day of Prayer, focusing on the Persecuted Church. Check out Voice of the Martyrs page on it.  Remember to pray for our brothers in persecuted church abroad. “Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.” Hebrews 13:3

My post today is a reflection on Exodus 2:23-25 and 3:7-8. View full article »

Sunday Selections 11.6.11

November is National Adoption Month, so, may you rejoice in the glorious truth that you have been adopted into the Family of God if you have received Christ as your Savior. Remember those who are Fatherless in this world, both in a physical and a spiritual sense and pray for them.

Note about blogging in general: My schedule turned out to be more crazy than I anticipated, so I am going to lump in Calvin Reflections with my bi-weekly spiritual reflections posts. This should help promote sleep, which turns out to be pretty important. :)

For this week, here are some thought provoking and interesting stuff I came across. View full article »

Bible in 90: Encountering God

I have been reading Genesis the past few days, and I noted something that seemed significant. Further, I was a bit stunned by the fact that I missed an echo of Christ in the Old Testament, a foreshadowing of the glory to come. The thing I noted was this: View full article »

Sunday Selections 10.30.11

I am not really sure how to introduce this, except to say that I hope that you find these links interesting and helpful. The majority of them are Theology-related, but a few are just interesting secular things that I stumbled across this week. Thus, here are my interesting links of this week. (It was surprisingly difficult to chose).  View full article »

Bible in 90: Scruples

A friend of mine is a huge Bible in 90 Days fan. She reads the Bible multiple times in a year because she is a fast reader and the Bible in 90 Days program seems to work for her. She was first introduced to it in High School (so 5-6 years ago) and I am pretty sure she has used it as her reading plan ever since. View full article »

A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama

This post has nothing to do with Palindromes, as fun as they are. The “A Plan” bit is all this post is really interested in, as it is laying out my game plan for posting here. When I first jumped into starting this blog, I did not set any goals for myself, or give my blog a ton of direction (despite the wise advice of a friend to the contrary). My goal for this particular post is to remedy this situation and give my readers a chance to see where I am going with this blog. View full article »

Submission: An Explanation

In my post on Theology and Submissive Women, I realized that I did not entirely define submission. I said what it was not,  but never what it is. So, in this post I will attempt to define what I mean by submission and where I see it playing out, not only in the lives of women, but in the daily living of the Christian. View full article »


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